Feature Icons on Your Platform Page

Feature Icons

On your “My Platform” page there are feature Icons in the bar below your picture, here’s what they are and how you use them. Also, just above the “Feature Icon Bar” are your “Followers” and “Following” counts. When you have Followers and are following others, your numbers will also reflect there. If you touch (click) the number a list will be displayed. Scroll down to view the list. You may select any ones picture on the list to go to their page.  This works the same with “Followers” and “Following”. Take care not to accidentally touch the “Following” button on the right as it is also the “UN Following” button.

When you wish to return to your platform page, select “My Platform” from the “Main Menu”.

The “About” Icon, should be the first one on the left in the “Icon Bar”. If it is high-lighted you will be looking at your “My Platform” page. From here you can see your Name, your picture in the round circle and your background picture, if you have uploaded them. If not, touch the little “Gear” icon and select “Edit Profile”. This allows you to upload your cover photo and a feature photo, and you can also make comments in your profile.

Next, is the “Posts” Icon, which shows a list of your Postings to the main menu “Home” page. Currently (sadly) posts cannot be made from “Your Platform”, to the “Home” page. We are working on it. Currently however, you can go to the Main Menu (top of page) select “Home” and manually post comments on or share any post shown there.

The “Comments” Icon, if you have commented on any posts in the Main Menu “Home” section, your comments will reflect in a list on your “Comments” section. This is handy if you have previously made comments and want to look one up later. Scroll down to view the list. Just select the specific comment from the list and it will take you back to the original post. 

The “Activity” Icon, allows “Posts” to your “My Platform” page, and also auto posts to the Main Menu  “Activity” selection. Scroll down to view our posts. Your Posts can also be made directly to the “Activity” section on the “Main Menu”.  These posts can be seen by all Members, just as in other social sites. You can also see their posts in the “Activity” section on the menu.

The “Messages” Icon, allows you “Private Chat” (like texting) but only with other Member  Friends. This “Chat Window” must first be established (opened) by going to another Member Friend’s page through the “Friends” icon list”, and selecting a friend’s “Message” button on their page. The chat window can then be reopened there after using the “Mail” icon and selecting that Friend from the list.  Scroll down to view the “Friends” on the contact list. If you have a message open you may close with the X and you will then see your active messages list. These private messages (chats) are to “Friends only”. “Friend Requests” are established with other Members through the ”My Platform>Members”  list.  

The “Photos” Icon, allows your pictures to be uploaded and viewed in your, “My Platform > Photos Gallery”. Scroll down to view your Galleries.

The “Notes” Icon, You may make private Notes or public notes. We are still working on this one. Private notes show under your “Notes” icon. They can be private or public depending on how you save them.  If public they will also reflect on the “Activity” icon. Scroll down to view your Notes.

The “Friends” Icon, Displays all your friends and allows you to connect and view their page. Scroll down to view the list.

Private documents between a “User” the “Administrator”. If you see and “Eye” icon it is a private message or document from the Administrator.

More features to come so keep watching for more Icons to show up.  Above the Icon Bar you will notice “FOLLOWERS” and “FOLLOWING” Touching them will display your Followers and those following you. The follow and following features are controlled (set) from the Member list.

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