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If you managed to find the Alexandria Project Network Main Page ( without registering and logging in then Congratulations. Most people have logged in to be here. You may join us at this time but be aware we are still pre-launch. We have lots of work yet to do before being in full operation. The use of this site is not available unless you are “Registered” and “Logged in. You may feel free to use the menu in the upper right of your screen to “Register” and “Login”. We provide a “Free Speech Platform” to our users, within the limits of United States Law. We collect the minimum amount of data on users, only that which makes this a usable “Platform”. The minimum you need to participate is a user name and a valid email address for “Registration”. We “recommend” but do not require that you use a “Mozilla, Firefox Browser” from your favorite Play Store, for your best user experience. We use and test exclusively with a Firefox Browser. If you are using a computer rather than a phone the Firefox Browser is available at no cost directly from HTTPS:// At some point we may have an APP available, but for now “Firefox” works great. If you have clicked your way around the site, you will notice that many things are under construction. Being here early however will give you the opportunity to watch us grow. Click around and check things out. We appreciate your comments and you are free to participate or take your discussion to the “Coffee Shop”.

Use of this site with Bots and or for Spamming is strictly prohibited, read our policy. Such behavior is not free speech here and will get your account terminated.

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