Two Resizing Possibilities for Your Photos

I have noticed that some of you do not have pictures (photos) on “Your Platform” page or in your “Gallery”. More than likely you haven’t had time to do it but on the off chance that you tried and couldn’t make it work satisfactorily, perhaps you need more information. I therefore provide the following.

Most of today’s phone cameras (and other digital cameras), take very high resolution photos and they are giant in size, (Multitudes of Megabytes). These high resolution photos provide wonderful quality but they are somewhat large to use on your website and in many cases they don’t e-mail well without being compressed or downsized. So, what can we do about it?

For your “My Platform” page, your photo (the round one), should be 300 x 300, 72dpi or a little  larger and the background photo should be 1024 x 768, 72dpi, or a little larger. If your picture is much larger it may load slow or not at all. If a large photo does load, you should see a “Cropping” line displaying the portion of the photo that will fit in the frame. If your photo will not load at all, what do you do? You can use a photo editor to make a copy of the photo that is smaller.

One image sizing App for Droid phones, is “Image Size”. The “Free Version” that I have been using seems to do quite well with the exception, it has lots of Ads. Upon launch, it opens in a convenient window. From the Icon in the upper left window, you may select photos from your phone’s Gallery or Photos app. You can select the resolution for the output Photo and then press the output arrow in the lower left corner of the screen. However, while resizing photos you will be “Nagged” to install other things or watch other ads. I became pretty efficient at shutting down the ads but it is frustrating. They of course also continue trying to sell you the paid versions without ads. The resized photos are ultimately placed in a separate gallery directory called, “Photo Resizer”. From there they can be uploaded to “Your Platform” page or to your platform page’s “Gallery”.  

I also use FastStone ( a Photo Resizer, for my Windows computer. It is very versatile. You can point it at the input direct of your photos and select an output directory for the sized copy. You can add and resize one photo at a time or resize in a batch. Use the “Advanced Options” to set the specifications you want, and press “Convert”. Photos in the directory you choose for resizing are now ready for use in your website.

The Statue of Liberty photo above was resized to 1024 x 768 and is only 75.5Kb.  


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